Woman arrested on flight to Anchorage

Posted: Sunday, January 24, 2010

ANCHORAGE - A 32-year-old Fairbanks woman was arrested after a disturbance on board a flight to Anchorage.

Rhoda N. Kelsey was charged Thursday with interfering with a flight crew.

FBI Agent Kevin Fryslie said that 20 minutes into an ERA Aviation flight, Kelsey went to a lavatory near the flight deck and then started pounding on the door from the inside.

Kelsey partially opened the door for a flight attendant and asked where the toilet paper was. The flight attendant pointed out the toilet paper and tried to close the door, but Kelsey yelled at her not to leave, called her a name and hit her in the face.

Fryslie said passengers removed Kelsey from the lavatory and restrained her until she was arrested in Anchorage.

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