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Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2000

During the 1990s, deposits in Juneau FDIC-insured banks increased by two and a half times, from $179.5 million to $455.2 million.

That's one of many perspective-lending facts from the past decade included in the recent Profile 2000 from the Juneau Economic Development Council.

Because there is lag time in gathering some financial data, the report is not a complete overview of the 1990s. But it reflects some long-term shifts in the local economy, such as the increasing share of private-sector jobs (58 percent) in what was once a government-dominated city.

Some of the other findings: Nearly half of all business sales are tax-exempt, and about half of the exemptions are at the discretion of local government, making the municipal tax rate of 5 percent effectively 2.4 percent or less. Estimated hotel occupancy in 1999 was 60 percent, a slight rebound from 1998, but down from the middle years of the decade. There were 577,990 cruise ship passengers in Juneau last year, another record and more than twice the 1990 level.

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