Plenty in Juneau is impacted by tourism

Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2000

I read Ron Swope's ``My Turn'' in the Juneau Empire regarding the cruise ship passenger head tax revenue and would like to comment:

I'm sure not many, if any of us, have read Juneau City Attorney's 10-page memo to the mayor and assembly on the legal problems with the head tax. Swope went into some detail about it in his article. There are lots of legal what-ifs set forth in it.

Corso, according to Swope, even went back East to Boston and New York and to interstate trade to make his point.

I'm not sure what Ron Swope's point is in citing all this legalize for us unless it is meant to make us feel a little less comfortable about getting the head tax passed in the first place. To my way of thinking we need to use that revenue to shore up the tourism-impacted infrastructure in the city - period. This includes all the not-for-profit organizations these multi-thousands per-season visit and how they get there and what they get to do when there. I don't understand what Corso could have meant in saying it should be spent only ``on nautical things.'' After all, everything is nautical in the port of Juneau, even our schools and our kids.

Let's not let these questionable legal interpretations deter us from spending that well-earned, (and it should have been much more) revenue for our city non-profits. All these folks should get their requests in to the City Manager's office now.

Alan R. Munro

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