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Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2000

The lieutenant governor might have lots of staff, but she is one of the nicest people and has done many things for many people. She should run for governor.

Wow. What a great Elvis concert. It wasn't just a concert but a party. Thanks to the very talented Clayton Wagy, the Orelove brothers and Capital Records. Elvis, we hope to see you again.

I support House Bill 279, legislation that would require state employees to use frequent-flier miles earned during state business to help defray cost of subsequent state travel. Hopefully it will turn the corner on abuse by state employees who use those state miles for personal use and also for becoming aware that some state employees select a carrier at additional expense to accrue those frequent flier miles.

I endorse columnist William Brown's unicameral legislature proposal. This is an idea that has made sense to me for many years for Alaska. It would cut down on one house passing something with the agreement that the other house would veto it or not pass it.

The Legislature started the idea of settling the permanent fund dividend question for $25,000. Thursday someone countered with $1 million. Let's compromise with $250,000 and call it a done deal. $27 billion in the permanent fund is waiting. If the Legislature can pull this off, they can do whatever they want with the rest of the permanent fund.

I am astonished to hear that City Attorney Corso was unable to provide the assembly with pertinent information regarding the Miami and Long Beach ordinances and their respective uses of passenger fees before the assembly voted on the ordinance last night. If the city attorney is interested in responding to the voters and reducing litigation vulnerability, I would think that he would respond in a more informed way. I was extremely disappointed.

I want to thank and commend Gov. Knowles for keeping Juneau on a ferry system and keep Juneau being the unique state capital that it is.

The newly formed Douglas Neighborhood Association is looking to members. We look forward to working with the Douglas Advisory Board as our official link to the Juneau Assembly.

The Alaska Coastal Journal inserted in the Empire was self-serving paid propaganda and should have been so labeled. An overwhelming percentage of Juneau residents are forced to put up with a small number of highly pampered and subsidized commercial fisherman. The average non-commercial fishing citizen does not have effective representation in fisheries decisions and this is scandalous.

In regard to the Mackie plan, I agree with it but what will it do to people who are on Medicaid who really need the medical financial assistance, or people who are helped through housing programs?

To the person who called about the state holding garage sales, the state surplus is open to the public every Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Subport building. There are lots of old computers there.

If the assembly ignores the will of the people, who voted 70 percent in favor of a passenger fee and decided to only spend it on cruise-ship related items determined by a committee dominated by the cruise ship industry, maybe it is time to consider recall.

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