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Posted: Thursday, January 25, 2001

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

I think it is so great that Perseverance Theatre is offering some quality children's theater again with the opening of "Fry Tales" this Friday. I can't wait to see it. I'm taking every kid I know.

I want to thank the Bartlett Regional Hospital emergency room nurses and doctors that helped me after I took a fall. They were such a great team.

I hope the Legislature holds the course on high school graduation exams. For a successful graduation in 2002, students are required to have passed these exams. After 12 years of school, if students cannot read, write and do math, they should not graduate.

Alaska has implemented the exit exam for all students. Many students have failed portions of the exam. The math portion that is giving many students problems, is about minimum math standards, not advanced mathematics. Alaska requirements are low to begin with. Let's not lower them further.

I'd like to congratulate the Empire sports section for doing such an outstanding job of covering tennis. I've never seen a newspaper that devoted as much space and pictures to tennis. I'm especially fond of the fact that the Empire has run three pictures of the Williams sisters in the last five issues. Maybe we could run a picture of the sisters in every issue.

I live on Franklin Street and every morning people race their cars up the street and they think that no one is around, but people are up and on their way to work and someone is going to get hurt.

If Mark Farmer was a little more mainstream and in touch with the community, there might not be as many complaints about him.

Bush didn't kill a woman's right to choose. He just said I don't have to pay for it. Signed, a taxpayer. P.S.: He only set the pro-choice movement back eight years.

Anyone who is so smug about executing people or using military force should not be in the White House.

I agree with Rick Svobodny on the electronic monitoring question. I recently saw Jim Demers in a store in a casual conversation and I was curious about it. I have forgiven Jim, but I would prefer that the system not be made a mockery of.

Our esteemed city manager has hired another noise expert at our expense.

I would like to know why some legislators get a special pass where they can park downtown all day without moving their vehicle. It makes it really hard to find a place to park.

As a taxpayer, I have to question the city manager's latest action in taking personal ownership in the noise mitigation fiasco. I would venture to say that he has violated the public trust by directly hiring his pilot and board-member buddy. Next time he should ask us before spending $6,000 of our money. We do have better things to spend it on.

People wonder what compassionate conservatism is. George W. Bush has demonstrated it. Jesse Jackson accused Bush of winning by Nazi tactics down in Florida, all while - Jackson, of course, in sin - is fathering a child out of wedlock, and what does Bush do? He calls him and offers his prayers. That is compassionate conservatism. It's also known as Christianity.

I think about half the people in Juneau must have a broken left hand because they don't use their turn signals.

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