In the Stacks: Tales of Nazi soldiers, stolen treasure, and Big Brother

And former Texas governor Ann Richards writes about bones

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2004

Some of the best-sellers that are now in large print are Patricia Cornwell's "Blow fly," Nora Robert's "Remember when," Newt Gingrich's "Gettysburg," Nathaniel Philbrick's "Sea of glory," and Sandra Brown's "Hello, darkness."

Also, look for new titles by Eileen Goudge, Adriana Trigiani, Sara Paretsky, and Jonathan Lethem.

"Secret father" by James Carroll: More than a thriller, this Cold War novel examines the relationships and responsibilities between parents and their children. When Michael, his best friend Ulrich, and Ulrich's girlfriend Kit, all students at an American high school in Wiesbaden in 1961, skip school and cross into East Berlin for the May Day celebrations, they are arrested on trumped-up charges of currency fraud. Michael's father and Ulrich's mother work together to free their children in the weeks before the Berlin Wall goes up.

"The Last Nazi," by Stan Pottinger: Adalwolf, Joseph Mengele's young apprentice in the concentration camp hospital, is now old, one of the last of the Nazis left to be hunted down by the Justice Department's "Nazi Hunters." Melissa Gale is a Hunter with a personal stake in the hunt: she is the granddaughter of an SS officer and a Jewish survivor. She's been stalking Adalwolf for years, knowing that he is still working on developing a virus unlike any other, and now, he's stalking her.

"The Amber room," by Steve Berry: The disappearance during World War II of the Amber Room, panels of carved amber that formed a chamber, is one of the art world's biggest mysteries. In this well-researched thriller, a survivor of the concentration camps is one of the last people alive who knows what happened to it, and when he dies under mysterious circumstances, his daughter races his killers to the treasure.

"Babyville," by Jane Green: A trio of stories about women whose lives are bound together by motherhood. Julia and her boyfriend, Mark, are having problems that Julia is sure would be cured if only she could get pregnant.

Meanwhile, Mark's one-night-stand with Maeve, who is as free-wheeling as they come, has resulted in a baby. And Samantha, Julia's friend, has discovered that being a mother and a wife and yet staying herself is much harder than she ever imagined.

"In Silence," by Erica Spindler: Big Brother is alive and well in the small town of Cypress Springs in Louisiana. When Avery, an investigative journalist, returns home to Cypress Springs after her father's death, she is welcomed with open arms by her old beau and his parents and she quickly feels right at home again. But things get odd when she finds a box full of newspaper clippings about a 15 year-old murder. Avery's investigative instincts kick into high gear when a local woman is found murdered and a man disappears. Lots of clues - how do they fit together? "Little indiscretions," by Carmen Posadas This was a best-seller in Spain, where the mystery unfolds. On the morning of a big party, pastry chef Nestor Chaffino is found frozen to death in his employer's walk-in freezer. But who would kill a cook? Just about everyone in the house! Nestor was about to supplement his income by publishing a book containing not only recipes, but also secrets about the house's owners, guests, and employees.

"I'm not slowing down!" by Ann Richards: When former Texas governor Ann Richards fell and broke her hand in 1996, she had a bone density test and discovered that she had osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis. Now, nearly a decade later, she has kept her bone density stable through a combination of exercise, diet, and supplemental vitamins. In this book, she discusses the hows and whys of making sure you have healthy bones as you age.

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