Thanks for running Peninsula Clarion editorial

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2004

Thank you for running the editorial from the Peninsula Clarion on Jan. 20. It is one of the best and truest commentaries ever written about the state of politics. Or is that the politics of our state here in Alaska? It is truly disgusting and disenfranchising when a legislative body operates in the manner they did against Rep. Bob Lynn, beating down a fellow legislator when he votes his conscious. Why do we need 60 lawmakers if just a few party leaders dictate the action? House Speaker Pete Kott says it all: "The conditions speak for themselves. Each member of the caucus agrees to the rules of the caucus prior to session. Sanctions are imposed when the agreed upon rules are violated." Sounds to me like it's a done deal before they ever arrive in Juneau. So much for thinking for themselves. Maybe for the next election we can just have the parties on the ballot. Who we elect doesn't seem to matter when "the conditions speak for themselves."

Maybe it's time to change the conditions!

Kurt Kondzela

Auke Bay

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