Dislike abortion, but value freedom

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2004

Debbie Joslin's "My Turn" (Jan. 22) is an articulate argument in opposition to legalized abortion.

There is one thing I hate more than the idea of abortion. It is a government which, by law, would force a woman to bear a child just because she has been impregnated by male sperm.

I love my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I also celebrate Roe v. Wade, which successfully brought to an end a form of female slavery. This is no time to turn the clock back to those dark days of back-alley illegal abortionists and coat hangers!

Most of us love children. Most of us also love liberty, including the freedom to choose whether and when to have children. Let's keep it this way so the children born into this world are wanted and loved!

Richard K. Heacock Jr.


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