Medical decisions are deeply personal

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2004

About abortion: There is no person on this planet for whom I would ever make a personal, medical decision without consent (with extremely limited exceptions, rare cases of very close family members in serious trouble). Conversely, there is no person on this plant whom I would ever allow to make a personal, medical decision for me. Not my mother or father. Not my brothers or sisters. Not my husband or children. Not you. Not my president. My government legislates taxes, services and war. My government has no right to legislate my body or what I do with it. Neither does any church. Neither do you. Not now. Not ever.

You are completely free to make whatever choices you want for your body without my interference, regardless of how distasteful your choices may seem to me. I expect no more and no less from you.

Robyn Holloway


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