More Alaskans joining Moderate Republicans

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2004

Six years ago, a few Republicans and Democrats, perturbed with the pungent odor of Alaska's politics, partnered up to produce a new political party predicated on principles.

Thanks to people like Randy Ruedrich and Scott Ogan, more and more people are beginning to see our point.

According to the Alaska Division of Elections, between Jan. 3, 2001, and Jan. 7, 2004, the Democrats have lost 5,395 members, the Alaska Independent Party has lost 2,205 members, Green Party has gained 191 members, the Republican Party has gained 291 members, the Libertarians have gained 720 members and the Republican Moderate Party has gained 1,846 members.

Yup folks, it's a fact. The Republican Moderate Party, which is in no way associated with the Republican Party, is growing faster than all of Alaska's other political parties combined. We are also the only minor party to have ever elected a candidate to Alaska's State Senate.

Oh and, um, thanks Randy, thanks Scott.

Ray Metcalfe

Chairman, Republican Moderate Party

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