Planned Parenthood to open clinic in fall

Pro-Choice Coalition raised $150,000 for the future facility

Posted: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Family planning service and abortion provider Planned Parenthood of Alaska is ready to open a clinic in Juneau this fall, according to its Anchorage-based leader.

It couldn't have been done without a partnership with the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition, the chief executive officer for Planned Parenthood of Alaska said. Although the groups have no formal ties, the coalition acts as a fundraiser and raised $150,000 for a future clinic.

"We are very confident this will happen now that we have the funding," CEO Clover Simon said. "We will offer full services to both men and women in the Southeast."

Planned Parenthood is reviewing spaces for the clinic, Simon said. She did not want to disclose potential Juneau locations until the deal is finalized.

It has been estimated it would take about $500,000 to open a reproductive services clinic in Juneau providing abortions. The rest of the funding would now come from many different sources, Simon said.

The clinic will be open at least four days a week and staffed with about seven people, Simon said.

Planned Parenthood provides cervical cancer screening, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, birth control and HIV testing, among other services.

Sid Heidersdorf, the Juneau-based vice president of Alaskans for Life, said the group may protest if a facility opens but doesn't plan anything for now.

"They (Planned Parenthood) really do not offer anything good to the community," Heidersdorf said. "They just serve as a lightning rod for protests."

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