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Posted: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Volunteer facilitors needed

The National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence is in need of volunteer Adult Facilitators for the Alaska Teen Institute retreat.

The Alaska Teen Institute retreats are held for students who are in the CHOICE program at Juneau-Douglas High School. The "Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education" program is an effective program for at-risk youth in which the ATI is a vital component. CHOICE serves young people who want to graduate from high school, but experience factors in their lives which have undermined success in a traditional academic setting.

Upcoming ATI retreats:

ATI: Drugs and Alcohol

Feb. 9 and 10

The goal of this retreat is to create a climate where students feel supported in not using drugs, alcohol and tobacco. We learn about the dynamics of drug and alcohol abuse, dependence and the positive effects of being abstinent.

ATI: Diversity and Conflict Resolution

March 16 and 17

The goal of this retreat is to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and fairly. In this retreat we explore topics such as understanding the diversity community we live in, why there is conflicts, and different ways to work on resolutions.

If interested, please contact Vinodini Gowda at (907)463-3755 ext. 227 or email:

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