Spin can't change fact that the war is about oil

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's still about oil, and all of the White House spin to distract you from that brutal fact is more of the same coming from the president and his accomplices. Not that we don't need oil, but it would have been cheaper to buy it from Iraq than trying to steal it under a sandstorm of White House generated lies.

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According to Antonia Juhasz, a scholar for the Institute of Policy Studies, "President Bush and his oil cohorts have worked toward the passage of a new oil law for Iraq that would turn its nationalized oil system over to private foreign corporate control through profit sharing agreements."

TomPaine.com writes, "The PSAs gave private companies (including foreign ones) control of Iraq's oil production and 70 percent of the profits, specified that up to two-thirds of Iraq's known oil reserves would be developed by private companies. ...

"Kuwait, Iran and Saudi Arabia all maintain nationalized oil systems and have outlawed foreign control over their oil development. None use PSAs, but rather hire foreign oil companies as contractors. ...

"The PSAs have, apparently, been dropped from the new law which, was debated in near total secrecy: (And) almost no one - both outside of and within the Iraqi government, including the parliament - has seen it."

Do I smell Dick Cheney?

Though two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Bush and his war in Iraq, our leaders - Democrat and Republican - seem to defer to the 26 percent of Americans complacent enough to let George do it.

"Impeachment is not on the table" says House Speaker Pelosi. It should be. We've had six years of lies coming from this White House that have caused immeasurable suffering to Iraqis and to many American families, and it has destabilized the Middle East, our primary source of oil. Now, we're expected to endure another two years of lies and obstruction from President Bush because our leaders think impeachment would be too trying for the nation and distract them from repairing the damage done by his administration.

To some, the institution of the presidency seems more important than its actions. Form trumps content. I believe America is strong enough to hear the truth, and it is hungry for justice. Listen, Congress, to the overwhelming majority of Americans who are sickened by those in this administration waging a criminal war for oil.

Lisle Hebert


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