Anchorage woman charged with theft

Businesswoman accused of stealing from an ex-boyfriend

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2009

ANCHORAGE - An Anchorage businesswoman has been arrested and charged with stealing money and checks from a former boyfriend and emptying out his bank account.

According to charging documents, Samantha DeLay-Wilson siphoned over $100,000 from a former boyfriend's bank account. She also is under investigation for allegedly taking out a mortgage on his California home without his knowledge.

DeLay-Wilson, 62, was arrested Thursday. She is charged with scheming to defraud, forgery and theft after she allegedly stole 14 checks from Waldo Johnson between March and May 2008, while her ex-boyfriend was in Central America.

According to police, DeLay-Wilson, 63, funneled $105,300 from Johnson's bank account to herself and two investment companies she owns, Money Sources and Nona Oma Investments.

Charging document say she knew when to expect her longtime friend's disability check to hit his bank account. When Johnson was in Belize, she slipped into his house, used his checks and drained the money from his account, prosecutors say.

Investigators also are looking into a mortgage DeLay-Wilson took out worth more than $400,000 against a home the ex-boyfriend owns in San Francisco.

"I was really duped," Johnson said. "We were kind of a number, you know? Her and I were kind of going out and we were boyfriend and girlfriend, I thought."

Anchorage police detective Michele Logan said DeLay-Wilson is under investigation on several other matters.

"She's a con artist. She is very good at what she does," Logan said.

DeLay-Wilson, a part-owner of the IHOP restaurants in Anchorage, formerly worked for the National Bank of Alaska and operated the now-defunct Alaska Builders Cache.

In 2001, Johnson let DeLay-Wilson use the San Francisco home he had inherited as security for a construction bond to build the Anchorage IHOP restaurants, according to court documents. But in the spring of 2008, Johnson learned the home was in foreclosure.

Arriving in California, Johnson learned DeLay-Wilson had mortgaged the property for $380,000 and later upped it to $410,000, records show. He was able to save the home but DeLay-Wilson never paid him back. Charges have not been filed in that case, which police are investigating with federal authorities, Logan said.

In 1998, DeLay-Wilson was accused of duping two Anchorage men, including one who lost his life savings, into lending her $500,000 that she would pay back with interest. Facing up to 10 years in prison, DeLay-Wilson pleaded no contest in 1999 to a count of scheming to defraud and was sentenced to serve seven months, Logan said.

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