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Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Now that we're going to get a 32-knot ferry, does this mean the ferry will arrive and depart on schedule, or will the state run a 32-knot boat at 18 knots to save fuel?

Social workers receive poor wages compared to their work loads, students and teachers get stuffed into overcrowded classrooms, seniors/patients and health care workers take what they can get. Patients are stuck with overloaded and underpaid people. This generally weeds out the people who aren't committed. Let's apply the same to our lawmakers, with their state-run coffee shops and steam rooms. Call them and let them know what you think.

It's nice to know the legislators don't have the same problems the Marine Highway System does. Their 10 reams of paper just flew in on Alaska Airlines, second-day air freight out of Seattle. Now they want us to trust them with the permanent fund.

I was brought up to never expect anything for free. We now get free money every year. Sen. Mackie wants to give us $25,000, of free money. This isn't enough for some. Instead of being appreciative, they are greedy: Pay for my taxes on my free money, give it to me now, give me $1 million. It appears the welfare mentality, coupled with greed, has taken over Alaska. I can't believe in my lifetime Alaskans have gone from being self-sufficient to being unappreciative and greedy.

It's time we concentrate the head tax on supporting our children and financing our schools. Use the money for education.

The school superintendent position makes almost twice as much as it did 20 years ago. Do other positions show as much of an increase?

After reading about the school budget cuts and cutting 24 teachers and one administrators, Let's try it the other way around: 24 administrators, one teacher.

Having just bought another ferry ticket for the 8-hour middle-of-the-night ride to Skagway, I was so relieved the governor decided to bring us a fast ferry in daylight hours, every day of the year. The road will never get built, so let's move forward now with the ferries.

I'd like to express appreciation for Rep. Jeanette James for her proposal for an income tax. It's good to see someone in the Legislature has the smarts and the guts to propose such an idea, and it makes more sense than the wacky Mackie plan.

I don't support House Bill 279 and in response to the person who does, as a single parent it cost me, when I travel for a week, $400 out of my own pocket to have someone watch my children. I travel nights and weekends and am still expected to be at work on Monday. State employees aren't abusing the system.

The passenger tax could benefit tourists as well as Juneau's citizens - improve the pedestrian access from the airport to the Nugget Mall. The tourists are always coming through parking lots because there is no proper pedestrian access. It would be a great benefit for all of us, and the same goes for other pedestrian access ideas in town.

As a state employee, I figure if people aren't willing to let me have a no-cost benefit such as keeping the airline mileage when I'm traveling at 10 p.m. and over-heading Juneau, perhaps I should just travel on state time only and spend the extra per diem.

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