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Posted: Friday, January 26, 2001

... for holiday fair

A heartfelt thanks to the volunteers and local businesses who made the Gastineau Elementary School Holiday Fair a truly memorable experience this year. A good time was had by all despite the unexpected power outage, which coincided exactly with the beginning of the fair. Darkness did not deter the high spirits of the crowd, and folks pitched in with flashlights and gas lamps and the high beams of Bob Hurley's vehicle (pointed in the direction of the gym through the glass doors) actually provided some extra illumination for the party.

Parent volunteer Kim Andrews was drafted to play the piano for Cakewalk, which all agreed was superior to the electronic boom, which had been used in the past - while all the planned activities proceeded in earnest. Although we couldn't see what we were eating or drinking, the refreshments were delicious.

Special thanks to Bruce Nelson of Carrs, who baked a custom order of cookies for Gastineau kids to decorate, and to Ben Williams of Foodland A&P, who contributed a generous supply of candy canes for our craft table. Thanks also to Carrs, Super Bear, Fred Meyer and Costco for contributing food and supplies that helped make the fair a fun and festive event.

We are grateful for our wonderful parent volunteers who donated their time and talents to the fair. Thanks to Anita Waldro, Rene Pisel-Walker, Rebecca and Neil Nesheim, Donna Valle, Sheryl Montoya, Cathy Connor, Betsy Longenbaugh and Ed Schoenfeld, Julie DeLong, Carin Smolin, Terry Henson, Kim and Bill Andrews, Leslie Stevenson, Katie Isturis, Jackie Dimond, Sara Minton and Bob Hurley for all their efforts.

Finally, kudos to the superb decorating crew headed up by Marie Riley and school custodian Rene Castro. Marie directed the labors of Joan Shorey, Dave Walker, Susan Queary, Bobbie Hubbard, Anitra Waldo, Cheryl Montoya, Sara Minton, Donna Valle and Carin Smolin to transform the Gastineau hallways into a magical setting.

Janine Reep

Chair, Friends of Gastineau

... for raptor center help

Juneau is an incredibly generous community and our organization would like to thank the scores of individuals and businesses who have supported the Juneau Raptor Center in the last year. For the calendar year 2000, our all-volunteer, nonprofit rehab center cared for 201 birds, about 30 percent of which were raptors. We also presented many programs in the schools, participated in Sea Week and made educational presentations to a number of local organizations.

As volunteers we could not have done this without the help of many. The Alaskan Brewing Company in particular held several fund-raisers, including a raptor center display in their sample rooms, to benefit our work and our building fund. As the recipients of the 2000 quilt made by the Capital City Quilters, we were able to raise $9,360 from our annual raffle. The Wee Fishie Shoppe and photographer Mark Kelley generously donated a percentage of their business proceeds. John Hyde, a professional photographer and videographer, did a slide show as a benefit in November. Glacier Gardens graciously allowed us to place a coin-operated telescope at their lookout point.

The work we do brings its own rewards: watching a rehab bid soar back into the wild, seeing the absorption and delight in children's faces during a program, learning about the magnificent creatures that share Southeast with us. But we also learn about our human neighbors, the many who take the time to report an injured bird, take an interest in our work, and who donate their time and money. We live in a very nice place.

Sandy Harbanuk

Board of Directors

... for medical help

On behalf of Seth McBride and his family, we would like to thank the countless friends, co-workers and caring community members who contributed to Seth's fundraiser on November 16, 2000. These thoughtful and generous volunteers and supporters donated the lovely ballroom and food, auctions items, advertising and helping hands with requesting donations, setting up and decorating, entertainment, announcements, and running the auction and raffle.

The following businesses and individuals contributed to the silent auction and raffle: The Hangar on the Wharf, Food Services of America, Hearthside Books, Kaill's Fine Gifts, Timberwolf, Seventh Heaven, Amy Kestin, The Christmas Store, Doug and Linda Unruh, Juneau Racquet Club, Allen Marine, Joanne Jone's class at Auke Bay School, Donna Meiners, Temsco Helicopters, Donna Perrin, Alaska Travel Adventures, Sunburst on the Warf, Northern Hotspots, Seventh Heaven, Fitness Plus, Wings of Alaska, ERA Helicopters, Fire and Ice, Adventure Sports, Foggy Mountain Shop, Midnight Sun Gift Shop, D.K. Mining Co., Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, Midnight Sun Gifts, Gourmet Alaska, Valley Auto Parts, Ward Air, Galligaskins, Kim Blair, Hale Foundations, Holland America Line Westours, Bob Mothershead, Iola Young, Debbie Gifford, Super Bear, Gross Alaska Theaters, Hal and Leslie Daugherty, Jeff Hill, Ken DeRoux, Rob Hillyer, Latitude 58, Vickie Hunt, Betsy Kunibe, SE Alaska Veterinary Clinic, Donna Perrin, Grand Illusions, Rainbow Foods, Mrs. Lee's class at Auke Bay School, Rie Munoz Gallery, and Steve and Lisa Messerschmidt,

Many volunteers and guests donated their time, efforts, and contributions to Seth's medical fund. At risk of missing anyone, we refrain from attempting to list them all. Rather, we wish to express our deepest appreciation for all the help support and kindness you have offered this revered young man and his wonderful family.

Kathleen Rhea

Jody Daniels

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