Nonpartisanship provides protection

Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003

The Republican Party of Alaska's current policy of contributions and involvement in nonpartisan elections negatively affects governmental processes and can harm its members. The Republican Party of Alaska should address this concern and enforce a policy that would encourage the integrity of truly nonpartisan positions within our government.

Nonpartisan designated political seats or divisions of government serve to enhance and protect the ability of that body to interact without regard to changes in partisan control of other entities.

In other words, the nonpartisan designation enables those individuals and bodies to neither gain, nor lose any standing as regards its dealings with partisan bodies of government.

This separation safeguards "checks and balances" built into our form of government and is inherently advantageous to preserve integrity in government.

Nonpartisan positions serve vital functions in communities, and part of their function is procuring municipal funding allocations, free from any political discrimination from a partisan party controlled government body. These transactions must supersede and be held harmless from party politics. The designation protects those bodies from political party bias.

Nonpartisanship provides vital balances and protections for you, the public, members of every party, and additionally serves that largest segment of our voting population, those unaligned with any established party.

Binding legislation through sponsorship of a bill to mandate this protection within our campaign laws is needed to preserve the integrity of our political process. I urge you to contact your legislator.

Paul Zimmerman


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