Board's school is the better investment

Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003

Juneau should build the larger Valley high school recommended by the School Board. The School Board worked hard to make a good recommendation. The city staff has done a magnificent job of muddying the issues, but they haven't made a convincing argument against building the larger school.

We have a primal responsibility to prepare our children for productive adulthood, and we depend on our schools to help us do that. Yet we cram our children into an overcrowded and deteriorating high school while we build parking garages for commuters, harbors for fishermen, cruise ship docks for tourists, and airport expansions for legislators. We continue to support Eaglecrest's annual losses, and we even build a new skating rink. But we quibble about school costs while we plan a downtown bus park for tour buses and talk about hosting Arctic World Games to help our business community. These may not be bad investments, but they're not as important as the investment in our children. If we don't prepare our children to create a good future for themselves and for our community, the rest of those investments will be meaningless.

So let's stop arguing, remember what's really important to us, and start building the larger Valley high school that's been recommended by the School Board.

Barbara Learmonth


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