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Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003


A person with a perfectly clean driving record and who may have lost a business or employment causing creditors to take legal action to collect a debt should not be penalized by paying higher car insurance rates.

Does owning a small business make you a bad driver? Do medical bills you can't pay make you a bad driver? Does an acrimonious divorce make you a bad driver? Does cutting up your credit cards or paying cash for your car make you a bad driver? All those things give you a bad credit score. Credit scoring has to go.

If the insurance companies insist on basing my insurance on my credit report, then I can make them an offer: For each year I complete as a safe driver with no claims against my policy, the insurance company should re-imburse me the moneys I have awarded them for that year.

A person should be allowed to buy insurance at a reasonable price regardless of their credit history.




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