Supporting Rep. Lynn; fighting for seniors

Posted: Monday, January 26, 2004

This letter is in support of Rep. Bob Lynn and his stand on supporting the Longevity Bonus program for older Alaskans. Why should Rep. Lynn be sanctioned by the big-moneyed Republicans for trying to help our senior citizens - many of whom live at poverty-level income? I'll tell you what is wrong: As long as the big Republicans get their money that seems to be all that matters to them. What is wrong with trying to help our senior citizens like Rep. Lynn has done? Nothing!

All sanctions against Rep. Lynn need to be reversed. Let's cut the Republican salaries to $10 a day and see if they can get the idea! The Democrats did have the right idea to try and override our greedy governor's axing of the Longevity Bonus.

Rep. Lynn stands by his principles obviously and should be rewarded, not sanctioned. Our seniors need help and many no longer remain in the state with these cuts. Does the rest of the Republican crew really have the cajones to back Rep. Lynn or are they a bunch of yellow-backed slithering slugs? Come on now representatives, get a clue and help our older people.

In closing, you Republicans should try living on a small salary and let's see how well you survive. Welcome to the real world of unemployment and low-paying jobs! Also, the Longevity Bonus would eventually fade out as the older people who were grandfathered into the program pass on to glory.

Carrita and James Campbell


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