Planned Parenthood can prevent abortions

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2006

I was very glad to read your article on the possible opening of the Planned Parenthood clinic here in Juneau this fall. However, I'm afraid that I must take issue with the statement that the clinic provides nothing of value to a community.

Birth control options in Juneau are fairly limited for people of my demographic (late teens and 20s). If one can't afford regular visits to a family physician and is not a university student, the only place for affordable birth control is the Public Health Center, which already has enough on its plate trying to serve Juneau's lower class on its limited budget.

In addition, education about birth control options is something that is necessary in any community. Alaska's schools are a wonderful tool in that respect; however, the information they give is not always complete, as they have to contend with the complaints of parents and school board members. Planned Parenthood often operates booths at community gatherings to educate both teenagers and adults on the options available, as well as the costs, risks and side effects associated with each of these options.

Since the statement about Planned Parenthood's supposed uselessness was made by the president of Juneau's pro-life movement, I will assume that their beef with Planned Parenthood is about the fact that they provide abortion services. While they're entitled to their opinion on abortion, I suggest that they work with the Planned Parenthood educational services rather than fruitlessly protesting against them. The more people we can educate about methods and uses of birth control, the fewer abortions will be necessary - or wanted.

Ambrosia Rose


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