Jail a more fitting punishment than fine

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, January 26, 2007

I am appalled by the fact that we have yet another "ethics" committee. Why are we paying these people who represent us to review what every first grader is taught in school, if not at home?

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They are taught at home. Why fine these elected people? I think we should not fine them, but send them to jail.

Reducing a sentence to $5,000 - what a joke. How much is that a percentage of what that elected official raked in?

What is wrong with our society in that we condone sending legislators back to school to learn how to do right? The whole idea of lobbyists is wrong and the practice should be outlawed.

I am sick of seeing politicians getting fat while complaining about their poor pay. If she or he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, send that person to jail, don't just impose a monetary fine.

Kay Dickson


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