Murkowski bill seems not entirely clean

Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am disturbed that one of our two senators, Lisa Murkowski, has introduced a bill that would dilute the Clean Air Act.

As I understand, the bill she submitted was written by a utility company lobbyist, and she received a $126,000 contribution from the company he works for. This coziness with the parties the bill would directly affect looks like a conflict of interest.

Murkowski represents more than just the utility companies - she represents the people of Alaska, all of us. If her efforts end up making the air dirtier and the environment more degraded, then she has not stood up for our best interests.

Alaskans ask that she represent us, not just those who would financially benefit by her dilution of clean air laws. We ask that she withdraw the bill and return the money to the utilities companies which gave it to her.

Richard Steele


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