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Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2000

I'm a state worker and travel early in the morning and late at night, not on state time. The airline mileage thing is simple - I won't claim it. That way, the state won't get it either.

I'd like to respond to the person who stated that state employee frequent flier miles have no value and they should continue to claim those miles for personal use. Is it not a common practice to use those miles to get a free airline ticket? I would say those miles have considerable value and should be used to help reduce the state's $15 million travel budget.

I agree with the caller who said Alaskans are unappreciative and greedy. If the Mackie plan goes through, we should not allow criminals to get the money.

The pay for substitute teachers hasn't been raised for eight years. Also, the state of Alaska does not recognize teaching certificates from out of state. Even though I am Washington-state certified to teach, I make the same amount as a high school graduate did eight years ago. And I'm responsible for teaching your children.

If Sen. Mackie can get me the $25,000 without my wife finding out, I'll be happy to vote for it.

It's time for the school district to bite the bullet and let go of some of the excess administrators. For example, the assistant superintendent was supposed to be temporary to help with the McIntyre transition. The principal at Gastineau was a half-time position at one time. The enrollment numbers have been constant at Gastineau. These are just two examples of excess administrators.

I'd like to know what the opponents of the road to Skagway would say when the high-speed ferry hits a whale.

It's sad that there is only one laundromat in the valley.

I do not support House Bill 279. Is this how Avis is run? Also Juneauites lobbied hard for years to get funds for a road out. How can the governor sell us out?

We're not happy with the last ferry we built, so why build three more? Also, there's also a problem with fueling the ferries. If we have high speed ferries, it will cost us even more.

I agree with the opinion about the city attorney. Two weeks ago an assembly member asked him to get copies of the ordinances from Florida and California and how the head tax money they collect there is used. I understand Corso didn't follow the instruction of the assembly. Does he deserve the outstanding performance evaluation and the raise the assembly gave him?

What about drafting Michael Jordan for president. Everyone knows him and all of Chicago would vote for him.

If they're going to do away with the dividends, they ought to raise the amount to $250,000.

The Mackie plan is fish bait on a hook. People should really look at the permanent fund if they want to end it for the bait of $25,000. Look at how much money is there and how much money the state would be keeping.

Will the person who is operating heavy equipment on a barge in the middle of Gastineau Channel please either turn off your back-up beeper or start later in the day? It's really quite rude.

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