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Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2002

This week's selections are for kids and kids-at-heart.

"A Redwall Winter's Tale," by Brian Jacques. Not a full-length chapter book, but an illustrated adventure into the world of Redwall for all of its fans. This is the story of the first day of winter and of the great Snow Badger, the Lord of Wintertide, who brings snow to the land. (chapter book)

"Kate Culhane," by Michael Hague. Don't read this if you don't like creepy stories that'll make you think twice about eating oatmeal! In this Irish folktale, Kate Culhane is tending her mother's grave when she accidentally steps on someone else's freshly dug grave. Fortunately, Kate is smart and outwits the dead man, and makes a happy life for herself in the end. (chapter book)

"The Monsters of Morley Manor," by Bruce Coville. Anthony and his little sister Sarah buy a box at an estate sale that is just the perfect size for Anthony's trading cards. But the box isn't empty. And getting the contents wet isn't the best idea if you want to stay out of trouble. (chapter book)

"Blister," by Susan Shreve. Alyssa's father says nobody really has control, but Alyssa knows he's wrong. Her mom is choosing to stay in her room and cry since the baby was stillborn. Her dad is choosing to move out. And her grandmother is choosing to be too busy for anyone. So Alyssa starts choosing things, too, starting with her new name, Blister. (chapter book)

"What Pete Ate From A-Z," by Maira Kalman. In this alphabet book, Pete the dog chows down on everything from cousin Rocky's accordion (all of it!) to everyone's yo-yos (including those of the Twinkle Twins). What won't he eat? Zug Zug Dog Grub! Kalman's wacky illustrations have cult appeal. (picture book)

"A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton," by Steven Kellogg. When Pinkerton the Great Dane hears about penguins dads and how they hatch their eggs, he starts dreaming of an egg of his own. After he steals Billy's football, Grandma comes to the rescue with a newly hatched Pinkwin! (picture book)

"The Rabbit Who Longed for Home," by Lilian Edvall. With the dry wit typical of Scandinavian picture books, Edvall tackles daycare fears. Rabbit feels lonely at first at daycare and a little afraid of the other kids, but over time and with the help of a patient daycare provider, he begins to like it. Then he finds out he doesn't have to go to daycare anymore, and isn't sure if he is happy or not.

Next week: new non-fiction!

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