Ketchikan Police Department hiring

Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2002

Chief Grant Sirevog is looking for a few good locals to join the Ketchikan Police Department.

In addition to the usual classified ads, Sirevog has been running a display newspaper ad with the KPD logo, a picture of five local officers posing in front of Deer Mountain downtown, and the caption, "Now Hiring!"

Sirevog took the display-ad approach because he wanted to catch the eye of even people who aren't necessarily in the job market. Although he has many good officers from Outside who have stayed, Sirevog - himself a Ketchikan resident - says the turnover rate is much lower when a recruit already knows the town. It's also expensive for an out-of-town recruit to come here to see whether it seems like a good fit, he said.

"We have had our best luck with recruiting locals," he said. Fourteen of the city's officers now are what Sirevog considers local, people who had been here for a good portion of their lives before joining the department.

When at full strength, the Ketchikan Police Department has 26 sworn officers, according to Sirevog. Right now, there are 25. Combine that with a likely retirement next month, and Sirevog said he could be filling two jobs in the next few months.

Applications for city police recruit positions are online at The deadline to apply is Jan. 31.

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