Drug testing is just poor policy

Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I spit my coffee out my nose and guffawed when I read in Sunday's Empire the article about the owner of AIH being busted for cocaine. AIH requires drug testing for its employees. I was employed by AIH for a very short time, one of the reasons I walked out was my burning resentment over being required to pull my pants down to get a job as a store clerk.

When will American labor wake up to the fact drug testing is a multi-billion dollar industry that grew up around the desire of a few politicians who wanted to look tough for their constituents? As a member of the labor force I have vowed to never, ever again pull my pants down for employment.

If I'm driving my vehicle and cause injury to myself or another and the arresting officer suspects me of being impaired, then I would humbly submit to testing. You see, if I was driving impaired I would have been doing something wrong. Applying for a job does not imply that I am doing something wrong.

When all members of state and local and federal government, and all captains of private industry agree to pre-employment drug testing, and random testing and testing when they say or do something stupid, then I will again, too.

Linda Orr


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