You're not controlling just your life

Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2004

This is concerning Ms. Holloway's letter about medical decisions being personal. She states she would never make personal medical decisions for someone else without their consent or, because it's her body, does not want anyone making decisions for her.

Anyone who believes this and is actively pro-choice is being contradictive. What they're saying is, "It's my body. Therefore I have the right to make a medical decision to end your life."

Hmm ... let's look at a different perspective. Say you own a hospital. A person is brought into your hospital and is put on life support. Even though this particular person has potential to live a full productive life but needs a little help in the beginning with a life support system, you decide to end his/her life based solely on it being your right because it is your hospital. Can you honestly look this person in the eye and say, "I'm sorry. This is my hospital. I didn't want you. There's no room for you. Therefore it is my right to make a medical decision to take you off all life support?"

When a woman gets pregnant, her body becomes the complete life support system for the child growing inside. Based solely on the statement "It's my body; therefore, it's my right to make a medical decision to take you off all life support and end your life," is the most radical, extreme and selfish medical decision you can make for someone else.

Betsy Giles


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