Team members feel gratitude toward Hoonah community

Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2008

I wanted to add to the recent letter from Jean Bland and explain the second part of the story, which did not include the happy ending of the incident in Hoonah.

After the second game of the series on Tuesday night, about 10 elders of the community got up at the gym and apologized for what happened to our kids during the Monday night incident.

Our team members were very humbled and thankful for the gesture and were actually shocked when members of the Hoonah community came forward, one by one, and gave us a cash contribution of more than $950 to replace what we had lost of the spending money. The $950 was way over and above the lost amount, and we were grateful and overwhelmed by the gesture.

We came away from the community with very good feelings and would not hesitate to return to Hoonah as a team, representing Hydaburg as a community.

We want everyone to know of our feelings of gratitude for the community and people of Hoonah for their kindness and understanding. Thank you.

Sid Edenshaw

Coach, Hydaburg High School


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