Dear letter writers, thanks for complaints

Posted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am expressing my appreciation for the wonderful letters from Paulette Simpson and Bradley Fluetsch that noted many of the bad things the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council has done. I do wish they had noted that the Sierra Club and other environmental groups also involved in doing those bad things. They should share the blame and the effects of the letters.

And I wish that the letter writers had mentioned many more of the bad things environmental groups have done, such as protecting Admiralty Island from large clear-cuts, getting Misty Fjords protected, expanding Glacier Bay National Park, protecting salmon runs through legislation, and stopping roadless sales for eight years during the Bush administration. But I know that you can only get so many things in a letter, so it's impossible to even come close to noting all of the bad things.

Also I think the letters are redundant. Many others have talked the same talk: Rep. Don Young, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, former Sen. Ted Stevens, former Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Gov. Sean Parnell and more. The list is too long to fit into this letter. But it does bring up an old cliche: "The dog without the teeth." They can bark and yell but have no bite. Why? Because the bad things happened anyway. Oh well.

I do want to express my appreciation to these people also for their rants. We are dealing with the Bush economic melt- down and there is nothing better then these rants to get our complacent members to renew their memberships. Thanks to all for supporting our membership drives.

Mark Rorick

Chair, Juneau Group of the Sierra Club

Past board member, SEACC


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