Law enforcement agencies take more than $90,000 of drugs off street in one bust

JPD Enforcement Unit intercepts suspicious package, finds OxyContin

Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2011

A package intercepted Tuesday in Juneau by law enforcement agencies resulted in multiple arrests on Tuesday and seizure of the powerful painkiller OxyContin valued at more than $95,000.

“Anytime where you bring $100,000 worth of dangerous drugs off the streets that’s a big accomplishment,” Juneau Chief of Police Greg Browning said. “It was a busy day in general with that and the Western Auto thing. We are all feeling stressed out at the moment but we’ll get over it.”

The Juneau Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Unit, a full-time detail of officers, intercepted a suspicious package due for delivery in Juneau.

The drug unit enlisted the aid of the Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs (SEACAD) K-9 unit, Justice, who “alerted” on the package.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers opened the package and found the OxyContin hidden inside.

On Wednesday the JPD, SEACAD and the Juneau office of the FBI made a controlled delivery of the package.

Three California residents were contacted at a local address. Lorenzo Williams, 31, and Avis Bowdry, 19, were detained and an infant boy found on the premises was turned over to the State Office of Children’s Services.

Williams and Bowdry were arrested, along with Juneau resident Tessa Cox, 28, on federal felony charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. That charge is punishable by up to 20 years in jail and $1 million in fines.

“We try our best to be available to assist JPD whenever called upon,” FBI agent and spokesman for Alaska Eric Gonzalez said. “And we were more than happy to help them out the other day.”

Also arrested were Juneau residents Tim Beagle, 40, on an outstanding federal warrant for being a felon in possession of a firearm, and Danny Woodard, 28, on an outstanding JPD warrant for disorderly conduct.

Two vehicles were impounded during the operation and approximately $6,000 in cash was seized. Williams, Bowdry, Cox, and Beagle will be arraigned in Juneau Federal Court.

“It was a successful effort in trying to do something about the drugs flowing into town and in cooperation with the FBI,” Browning said. “Something we are always trying to do. Obviously we have a drug issue here, I’m not going to go so far to say it is worse than most other communities. It seems to vary depending on a number of problems. Lately, prescription drugs have been a big issue, but as we start to get that off the street sometimes we see other drugs come to the forefront because of the expense … supply and demand.”

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