Rotary club donates cancer funds

Posted: Friday, January 28, 2000

The Glacier Valley Rotary Club donated $13,000 to four Juneau organizations in the fight against cancer. The club raised the money in the ``Beat the Odds'' women-only run.

``The `Beat the Odds' run started out as an event to build awareness about breast cancer. Now there is so much participation we end up raising money for the entire cancer fight as well,'' said George Elgee, Glacier Valley Rotary Club's race committee chair.

This year 757 women walked or ran and $13,000 was raised, he said. ``The total was an impressive jump from last year's 619 participants and $6,800 worth of financial support.''

Lynne Wunsch, a volunteer with The American Cancer Society in Juneau, welcomed a donation of $8,500 to be used for travel costs for cancer victims in Southeast Alaska. ``We really do appreciate this support,'' Wunsch said.

A local breast cancer support group will use its give of $1,000 to purchase 20 breast cancer kits. The kits will be given to women diagnosed with breast cancer, and includes a video, relaxation aides, a journal, resource guide and other items.

``It's a packet full of love,'' said Linda Macaulay, founder of the support group. ``By the time someone is through watching the video, they have hope in regard to the disease. We are able to buy 20 kits with the money from the Rotary Club that I hope will be enough for all the women who need them in a year.''

Bartlett Regional Hospital received $2,000 to help pay for mammograms for women who do not have insurance and cannot afford the cost of the procedure.

``This money is really appreciated,'' said Rod Erickson, Bartlett's radiology manager. ``Mammograms are an important tool for early diagnosis of breast cancer.''

The Southeast Alaska Cancer & Wellness Foundation (SACAF), which works to educate people about cancer and how to check for it, received $1,500 from the Rotary Club.

``The success rate for cancer that is caught early is pretty high. The more knowledge people have, the less fearful they are,'' said Mike Miller, president of SACAF. This donation will help SACAF put that message across. ``We want to give people hope - a ray of hope. Where there's hope, there's life.''

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