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Posted: Friday, January 28, 2000

I'm not sure if I'm amused or disgusted at the callers who are insisting that the $27 billion permanent fund is enough to pay each Alaskan $1 million. There are approximately 500,000 eligible Alaskans. If we were to pay each of them $1 million, the payout would amount to $500 billion. These misinformed folks must have gone to school somewhere else because my seventh grade daughter, who has gone to public schools here, could do this arithmetic in her head.

Why should a foreign company like BP have rights to our oil. Why not get a U.S. company or Alaska company so the money stays here instead of having our revenue going to another country.

The Mackie plan advertises that all Alaskans might get $25,000 dividends. It will bring more people here, and bring higher crime rate, robberies, theft and muggings. I think the Mackie plan is a bad idea.

I can remember a time when I got my butt kicked by my parents when I did something wrong, but now we can't spank our own kids so when they get into trouble or murder or rob somebody, who do we point the finger at? The legislators, or the parents?

I was disappointed I missed the Elvis concert on Saturday, until I saw the videotape on Channel 98. Thank God I didn't waste my money. It was terrible.

I agree with the caller who believes we should get rid of excess school administrators. I was born and raised in Seattle and never have I seen a high school with four vice principals. There would be at least $180,000 savings if we got rid of excess vice principals.

I do not thank Gov. Knowles for his no-Juneau-road announcement. As an employee of the ferry system, I know how badly Juneau needs a road out of town.

I was informed that the city has adopted a policy that says it will not furnish interpreters for the hearing impaired at anything but an official city meeting.

I wanted to say thanks to Kenn McGowen for his excellent letter in Tuesday's Empire. He nailed it when comparing the legislators to cheetahs circling for the kill. It's the truth. If they can't make a go of it at $25,000 they'll just up the ante until greed takes over and the people of Alaska sell out. Where are our statesmen?

I wonder if the teachers controlled the budget if the cuts would be reversed, and 24 administrators would lose their jobs, and one teacher.

The Forest Service needs to give the ATV'rs a place to ride. The Forest Service has been saying for six years they're going to give us something, but they haven't.

I agree with Kenn McGowan's letter. And of the $25,000, the federal government will take a big chunk for income tax, leaving residents with very much less than the $25K. I'm very much against the plan.

In response to the Tuesday article about school cuts, 24 teachers and one 1 administrator? Top heavy, top heavy, top heavy. Our school district is top heavy. Teachers should not be cut. Janitors should not be cut. Aides and others should not be cut. Let's look at the number of administrators in our district and consider some cuts.

Unless they've changed math since I was in school, a billion is only a thousand million, not a million million.

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