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Posted: Sunday, January 28, 2001

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(As you've probably figured out, messages printed here don't necessarily reflect the opinion of the Empire.)

"The Foreigner" is hilarious - just the break we need amid our snowless winter.

Mr. Miller's My Turn of Jan. 25 was excellently written and 90 percent of the folks I have spoken to since the election debacle agree with him.

Engineer and long-term resident he may be, but Mr. Miller is neither temperate, rational nor accurate. Let's get on with it.

Regarding Rep. Scott Ogan's move to kick the governor out of his office in order to have more committee and legislative office space: I thought that was the reason we gave up Capitol School.

Instead of moving the governor, let's get that Ogan out of here. We're happy the way it is.

All presidents have to put their investments into blind trusts when they take office so it won't affect their decisions and there won't be any conflict of interest. President Reagan's friends bought the house for him while his money was tied up. He repaid them with interest once his finances were accessible. Can we expect that from Clinton? Doubtful.

The minimum wage increase is illogical. If a single parent is working at two-thirds of the poverty level and you increase the minimum wage, then the cost of child care, which is a single parent's biggest expense, will increase and they'll have to charge her more. It's a nice idea but it just doesn't work.

When did turn signals, speed limits, red lights and stop signs become optional? I'm trying to teach my high schooler to drive and every 10 seconds I hear myself saying, "Don't do what they guy just did." I beg Juneau drivers to slow down, especially when you're off the main highway where kids like to play.

I just saw another serious accident on Egan Drive in front of Harris Harbor. It appears someone will have to die there before the city gets the hint that the speed limit needs to change.

Illiteracy and ignorance are the breeding ground of racism, bigotry and intolerance. When 40 percent of our students can't pass minimum exit exams, and probably 10-20 percent are just barely passing, the system has failed and it is an injustice to our children. Exit exams need to be in place now and higher levels of knowledge required over time.

Alyeska Pipeline should not have sold to a foreign oil company like British Petroleum. They do not care about our country and probably will open ANWR.

How can the board of directors for Sealaska have a board meeting in Seattle without having management there? Is there some rift going on that the shareholders should know about?

Sealaska has to change its CEO. Shareholders have good reason to support change.

One-hundred-fifty-two executions in Texas and anti-gay bigotry is not very compassionate for a so-called compassionate conservative.

Once George W. Bush announced his prayer for Jesse Jackson to the press, it was just shameless politics.

Let's give our kids something to do - skating, a big public pool, a place to ride ATVs. Seems like all we do is give 'em a 12-pack and sent 'em out the road.

Summer homework equates to the tyranny of overachievers.

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