Good time, good coverage

Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Thanks to the Juneau Empire for its coverage of the Inaugural Ball. Having attended several of the balls around the state, the coverage by other Alaskan media outlets has been disappointing.

This is an event that happens only once every four years. Sending a camera and reporter for a few hours seems a small price to pay in order to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power, which is a blessing that only we who live in democratic societies enjoy.

Perhaps it is that I am a Murkowski/Leman supporter; or perhaps it is that I have covered stories where the "opposition" is summarily tortured, exiled or disappears into the night, leaving grieving spouses and children who are forever banished into the silence of fear.

To the likes of Beth Kerttula, Georgianna Lincoln, Kim Elton the Botelhos and others whose politics, at times, I may disagree with, I say hats off. Thank you for your gracious and abundantly valuable appreciation of democracy. I look forward to seeing all of you in four years, whichever democratic ideology prevails.

I will, however, wear more comfortable shoes.

Maureen Renkes


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