Ask who profits

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I am writing because I feel that Alaskans are not getting a true picture when privatization of state jobs is proposed. The current Request For Proposal (RFP) titled "Procurement Services, Supply Chain Management and Electronic Commerce Tools" that is posted on the state Web site brings up many questions. Who will profit? What is the cost savings? Where will they begin privatizing next? When will it go into effect? And why aren't other options pursued?

The RFP compares apples to oranges. The state could do business cheaper, too, if it didn't have to follow Alaska Statutes for Procurement. Those statutes give preferences to Alaska vendors and protections to all businesses.

The state currently uses some e-commerce for purchasing goods and could be set up to use more if an e-commerce add-on was purchased for the current purchasing system.

State employees are directed to get the best price at the best value, therefor providing the best service possible to the state of Alaska.

A private company is looking at profit margins.

It still comes down to my first question, who will profit?

James Anderson


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