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Posted: Friday, January 28, 2005

This letter is really my way of saying thank you to the Juneau School District, but it's mostly my way of saying thank you to Nancy Seamount. I graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School in 2001 and at the time I didn't realize how amazing my sex education really was. It's taken me the last few years of college and meeting new people to understand the breadth of the program while I was in school.

Most of the people I meet today did not have anything nearly as good or informative as I had. They didn't start learning about their bodies and the changes they would go through. They didn't have frank discussions about feelings and emotions dealing with sex and sexuality. Mostly what they had was a short course in teachers scaring them with pictures of sexually transmissible infections and telling them not to have sex. My fellow students and I had so much more.

So thank you Ms. Seamount for giving me comprehensive sex education that has helped me since I left your class. Thank you for teaching me not just about the biological parts of sexual intercourse, but about all the feelings and emotions that go along with it. Thank you for teaching me that there isn't just one kind of sex or one kind of sexual expression. Thank you for teaching me about relationships in all their forms. Thank you for teaching me about contraception and disease prevention. Thank you for teaching me about sexual abuse and violence against women. Thank you for talking about pregnancy, adoption and abortion. Thank you for having peers come in and talk to us like real people. Thank you for not scaring me from sex, but really educating me about it. Thank you for telling me that there are options, and I need to listen to my mind and heart when making any choice.

Thank you for being brave and talking about sex with teens who were too afraid to really talk about it, but not too afraid to do it.

I hope the students who go through your doors get the same kind of respectful education I did. Thank you for giving me an education that really matters.

Rebecca Chernay

Portland, Ore.

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