Resident thankful for city bus service

Posted: Monday, January 28, 2008

Recently I've read several letters about Capital Transit that don't match my experience. I have ridden Capital Transit for 10 years now, and I've been pleased with the service for the entire time.

My experience is that the drivers are always friendly and helpful. As someone who's lived in Douglas for the past eight years, the schedule is convenient and has spared my family the expense of a second car, saving us many thousands of dollars.

As far as the snowy bus stops go, I believe that it is indeed up to the city to keep them as clear as possible. But there will be times where there is too much snow for anyone to keep up with and it is logical to focus on streets before sidewalks.

If you want more plows to keep up with demand, then suggest the city raise taxes to get the extra equipment and manpower to make this happen. For me, I'm willing to put up with the occasional inconvenience that snow throws on us each winter.

I have lived in towns the same size as Juneau or larger with inferior bus service at higher prices. We are lucky to have the level of service that we have, and I am very thankful for Capital Transit.

Daniel Cornwall


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