Golden North Derby is a go this year

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JUNEAU - Volunteers have rescued the 2009 Golden North Salmon Derby.

The Territorial Sportsmen Inc. has organized the derby for the last 62 years. But until last week, it was in danger of not happening this summer when the Sportsmen announced it couldn't find enough volunteers to fill key positions.

The king and coho salmon derby is a three-day event in late summer. Fishermen get prizes for catching the biggest fish, and a tagged fish worth a $100,000 cash prize. Local businesses donate many of the prizes.

Angela Webb and Susan Listberger are co-chairing the derby, and Karrie Reyes and Kami Bartness stepped up to chair the prize and dock committees.

The derby gives scholarships to high school seniors on their way to college or vocational programs. The Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation has given out 254 scholarships and $1.4 million since 1953.

The derby's out of danger but still needs volunteers. Contact Wayne Regelin at 790-2920 or Susan Listberger at 789-5210.

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