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Posted: Monday, January 29, 2001

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There is no need to sell our natural gas to a foreign country when America could use it.

Mark Farmer isn't getting anywhere with the bear problem.

I wish people would treat Mark Farmer like the gentleman he is.

Now that Farmer and those guys on the bear committee have dropped the mandatory garbage pickup, I don't see any reason why everything else they talk about shouldn't work. Seems like they did the job. I hope the Assembly does the same.

We got a Republican president, Republican legislature and congressional delegation and Robin Taylor is still in the saddle, as compassionate as ever. Seems like we ought to be able to make room for our poor old Democratic governor. Perhaps we could clean out some old musty basement office space to stuff him in.

Throughout Alaska, children go to school in buildings with leaky roofs, inadequate heat and no basic maintenance. But certain legislators want to spend the state's "limited budget" on new, more luxurious offices. The number of legislators has changed little or not at all since statehood. Perhaps it is the excess staff and equipment which is creating the lack of legislative space.

Scott Ogan should go back to Palmer. Nobody forced him to take his present job as a legislator. At my state work site, the drinking water is polluted by paint chips, we breathe car exhaust around the clock, the air vents are full of rust and dirt and being cramped is normal.

If the state staff ferry runs on demand, does that mean the Tuesday ferry arrives on Thursday?

The faster ferry sounds fantastic and I was relieved to know that the rates won't rise dramatically. It is essential to have an affordable alternative to flying in Southeast Alaska. But wait a minute. The rates will stay low because "crew costs drop sharply." Why are Marine Highway jobs expendable while we tear our hair out over any loss of timber industry jobs? It seems that the timber industry jobs have special status in the eyes of the Alaska delegation. It is time for the timber industry to stop hiding behind the sanctity of jobs and start dealing with reality. The majority of Americans, who own the national forests, are sick of logging on public land.

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