Ode to the state budget struggle

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2002

When government knowingly spends into insolvency,

Surely becomes the time to encourage financial competency!

Alaska is being stampeded into budgeting money for homeland security

Despite this being actually Uncle Sam's constitutional responsibility.

We accept the need to spend money on crime prevention and public safety.

But it's LIBERTY - and not high personal security - that America was founded for, in reality.

Millions are supposedly spent for public relations understandings of Alaska, so things can go our way.

Yet it's the expert P.R. machines of Big Oil, Environmentalists, and Cruise Industry that visibly hold sway.

Investigating state bureaucracy "production vs. costs" accountability,

Shows analysis by verifiable statistics is abandoned for analysis by hope and personality.

Tying up the Alaska budget by compulsively matching federal funding addicts Alaskans to handouts.

This government habit cultivates "garbage bear citizenship," near economic slavery beyond any doubts.

Subsidies popularizing "quickie" behavior modification by chemicals-drugging - as if just animals we be -

Invalidates philosophy and religion, and encourages the levels of Alaskan substance abuse we see.

Government can never escape human tendencies to want something for nothing,

To responsibility cowardice, and to selfishness, despite wishful thinking.

So the hard lesson to face for every Alaskan about their state government,

Is that it accurately reflects their own collective improvidence, laziness, and mismanagement.

Therefore it's not what the government spends or does for the people that counts.

It's when Alaskans are persuaded to collectively believe and do, that true success mounts.

Stuart Thompson

Auke Bay

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