Who really should be drug tested

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2004

It seems to me that if it is all right to require a 15-year-old that had red eyes in school to pee in a cup to prove his innocence and it's all right to pee test a store clerk at Alaska Industrial Hardware just to apply for a job, then it must be all right to require that the judge and owner of this store also submit to the degrading act of peeing in a cup, in front of an audience, to prove they are also not users of alcohol or other drugs.

It seems to me that instead of testing clerks and school kids, we should be drug testing our federal, state and city lawmakers. Frankly, some of them are obviously smoking something, as they vote on bills that they have not read and spend money they don't have. Our kids are facing trillion dollar deficits on the federal level, billion dollar deficits at the state level and million dollar deficits on the local level. This country is in danger of being run into the ground and it is our lawmakers who are doing it. Let's test them!

Carl Peterson


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