If lock-step required, what's the point?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'm shocked that an elected representative is punished for taking a position on an issue that means something to him and many constituents. It never occurred to me that when you join the ranks of the Legislature you cater to the wishes of the powerbrokers instead of the electorate.

The action taken against Rep. Lynn is a disgrace to our freedoms of expression, fair representation on all issues for all people and, most tragic of all, the appearance that our representatives aren't allowed to speak for us.

We may as well send Rep. Lynn home if what I sense is true in that he obviously must vote the way he is expected to or face reprisals. When I vote for my representative I expect he or she will represent me, not the body he or she joins.

If I am in error please enlighten me, someone. The time I spent in elected office there was not a time when I was instructed what to bring to the table or how I was to vote on a specific issue. Is it different for the Legislature?

John Mielke


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