Alcohol vs. marijuana

Posted: Sunday, January 29, 2006

Since politics began, lawmakers have repeatedly tried to legislate morality. All attempts have failed. When will they learn?

The recriminalization of marijuana is another political smoke-and-mirrors attempt to legislate morality. Has marijuana use been linked to domestic violence, traffic deaths or other criminal behavior? No, but alcohol has. Using Frankie's logic we should criminalize distilled spirits because it's 10 times more potent than beer, and the average Joe is too stupid to not chug it by the pint. Oops, I guess we can't do that. As we remember from last session, this administration has condoned our lawmakers keeping a bottle of those same spirits in their desk drawers to "lubricate the wheels of lawmaking."

I, for one, believe that better legislation would come from a smoke-filled room than over a bottle of single-malt scotch. Come on guys and gals, lift your heads from the good-old-boy feeding trough long enough to do what your paid for. Alaska has a serious economic problem. Luckily oil price increases have given us a reprieve. Step up to the plate, and do your job. We are tired of smoke and mirrors.

Bruce Morgan


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