New seat belt law encroaches on rights

Posted: Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kudos to Robert Hendrickson for his "police state" letter. Although some people feel safer wearing a seat belt, there are many of us who don't. Personally I was in an accident a few years ago and wouldn't be here today had I been wearing a seat belt. We have a constitutional right to freedom of choice as long as we are not harming another human being, and this seat belt law takes that right away from us. All this law does is give the establishment another way to harass the general public and dig more money out of us.

I found it rather interesting that there was 96 traffic deaths in Alaska last year and 24 of these were not wearing seat belts. That sort of seems to me that more people were killed because they were wearing them. This is in reference to an article in the Empire at some time last year. A short time later there was another article stating that of those 24 deaths of people not wearing seat belts, eight of them might have lived if they had been wearing them. Ironically there was no study made on how many people killed wearing seat belts might have lived if they hadn't been wearing them.

If this law passes, we had better remember that if we get up some morning, having a lot on our mind and forget to strap ourselves in, we have this wonderful law enforcement team out there waiting to give you a huge fine for being forgetful. Now doesn't that make you feel safe and protected?

I happen to be a cab driver. Last year we had a cab driver who was being a very-law abiding citizen and was wearing his seat belt. The seat belt worked very well. It held him right in place so someone could cut his throat. So for any criminally minded people out there, just look for a cabby wearing a seat belt. You can rest assured he can't get away from you. The law requires him to be a better and easier target. Now if you find one that isn't wearing a belt, you can call the protective police and tell them that this person is making it hard for you to make a living and you can have him arrested. After all the police are there to protect your rights too.

My suggestion to everyone is that if you do get arrested, stand up for your rights. Refuse to pay the fine. Insist on going to jail (since after all, you are now a criminal), and see how our jail system can handle feeding half of Juneau.

Rudy Maier

Mendenhall Valley

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