Do something about Samuel Alito

Posted: Sunday, January 29, 2006

I am thoroughly disappointed in what looks to be a roll-over-and-die noneffort by Democrats to stop the nomination of Samuel Alito. Alaskans already knew where Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski were going with their votes, whatever pro-choice leanings they like to imply. Dared we hope the other party would step up to the plate to protect our "democratic" nation?

In recent judicial nominations, democrats refrained from filibustering, implying that they were saving their ammunition for future, more dire situations. Well, hello? Here we are, and the Democrats seem happy to remain impotent. This goes way beyond Roe vs. Wade - Justice Alito on the Supreme Court will give a green light to the already very scary degradation of civil liberties occurring at the whims of the Bush administration. This is a lifetime appointment. Get off your butts and do something, Democrats. Perhaps a filibuster has frightening and unknown consequences, but we can be very afraid without one. Give us one good reason to believe any of you are ever going to do anything meaningful in your political futures. Presently we still have voting rights; it's looking like we'll have nothing to lose casting votes toward independent candidates in 2006.

Christie Hendrich


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