Thanks, Mr. Snowplow

Posted: Sunday, January 29, 2006

Alas, winter has finally attacked Juneau. Don't get me wrong. I know that I live in Alaska, so I won't whine about the snow. I'm happy for Eaglecrest. The snow makes things look pretty ... so on and so forth.

But today I found myself mumbling obscenities under my breath (as to not frighten the neighborhood children) when I came home and found a street worth of snow barricading my driveway. I appreciate the job of Mr. Snowplow Man (or Woman). I thank him for making the streets safe to drive on, but just because I live on the corner of the street does not mean that my driveway is a splendid place to pack up the snow.

As I parked my car on the road and hurdled over what could have been mistaken for a new land mass, I watched as my lovely neighbors gave their cars a little bit of gas and ran gently over the small pile of tailings left in front of their homes. Now, I understand that this is Alaska and that snow is part of the deal, but when did I sign up for having a glacier deposited in my drive way? An hour later I was able to pull my car into the drive and give a sign of relief. And as much as I appreciate the workout, I'd rather go to the gym.

Next time it snows, maybe the people on the corner could be remembered and the snow pushed just a few feet further before piling it up?

Carly Cummings


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