Say no to cutbacks, update ferry system

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do not cut back the Alaska Marine Highway System services to and from Bellingham, Wash.!

In regards to the Juneau Empire article about ferry system cutting due to budget concerns, Alaska is the richest state. It is not in the red. Why is the state cutting back on services to and from Bellingham?

The ferry system is the source for traveling, besides Alaska Airlines, which to me is the most expensive way of getting to and from Alaska.

Cutting service to Bellingham to a once-weekly trip is totally ludicrous. What about the passengers who do not have a vehicle? Are they supposed to find transportation to Prince Rupert to catch a ferry from there?

Sounds like a recipe for sabotaging the marine highway system, weakening it each time by cutting back on services. It'll be very difficult for Alaskans who wish to travel to Bellingham.

Stop this foolishness. Use the reserve we have in the state coffers. Update the Alaska Marine Highway System.

Leimomi Matunding


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