Road rage puts one man in hospital

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ANCHORAGE - A road rage incident on the Glenn Highway landed one man in an Anchorage hospital and another behind bars.

Jason Posey, 30, of Wasilla was arraigned Sunday on felony assault charges.

Anchorage police said Posey and Shawn Hess, 34, of Fairbanks got into a bumping duel with their pickup trucks Saturday near the exit for Thunderbird Falls.

"The incident as it was described to me was reckless to the point of stupidity," said Anchorage Jail Committing Magistrate Carmen Clark.

Hess, driving a gray Ford, claimed Posey, driving a green Toyota, would not let him pass and swerved and blocked him several times, police said.

Hess had two children and two adult passengers with him. He told police he pulled over to step out of his truck to get Posey's license plate number.

Posey sped up and struck him, pushing him into his open truck door, Hess told police.

Hess then got back into his truck and chased and rear-ended Posey to get him off the road so he would not get away. Posey's truck smashed into a light pole.

Both trucks were badly damaged, police said.

Hess suffered a broken pelvis and wrist.

"A road rage incident started with vehicles wanting to pass each other with one driving too slow," said officer William Cameron. "When the vehicles passed, an incident occurred where one person got injured seriously and both vehicles got totaled within a mile of each other because of the road rage."

Posey's bail was set at $10,000.

Hess may also face charges, Magistrate Clark said at the arraignment.

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