Business Profile: Kathlee Wayne

Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Title and Firm: Kathleen Wayne is the sole proprietor of Kathleen Wayne Voice Studio. She has lived in Juneau for 17 years and sung with the Juneau Lyric Opera for many of them.

"I like to share with people the joy I have in music," Wayne said. "It's a way to meet people in a new community."

Background: Wayne has been teaching voice for two years. She began giving piano lessons when she was in high school and studied voice and piano herself through high school and in college.

"I first saw Alaska on a family vacation in the 1970s. I came up for my sister's wedding and stayed. Dad gave me $100 and said, 'Good luck.' "

At first she used her qualifications as a dietitian to cook at Miller House, a long-term residential treatment center for youths ages 12 to 19 with emotional and behavioral disorders. Then she became a nutritionist at Southeast Senior Services. Wayne now works as a program coordinator for child nutrition services with the state Department of Education.

Services: "I saw a need in the community to help with basic techniques - helping people enjoy the process of singing," Wayne said. "As they move along, I will pass them on to other teachers."

Her ideal client is a singer who wants to perform, whether it be with a choral group or the opera. "What's frustrating is to work with people who don't have a goal, or a focus, because they tend not to practice," she said.

Quotable: "It's never too late to learn to sing," Wayne said. She recommends starting voice training no earlier han age 15 or 16.

"I come from the point of view of working on the basics. There has to be a good understanding of the mechanics behind the voice. We hash out the basics through scales. My belief is that you can't progress in voice study unless you have that firm foundation in the mechanics under it. When you master those, you can sing for long periods without tiring and while still enjoying yourself."

Family: Wayne has an older sister, a pharmacist, who lives in Sitka.

Contact Information: Call Wayne's message phone at 789-1207.

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